Admissions and Fees

Auston College Myanmar offers Singapore-based curriculum, with international learning methodology, in a world-class learning environment.

Enhanced Foundation

  • Awarded by Auston Institute, Singapore
  • Students with Matriculation or O Levels Should Start Here


  • Awarded by Auston Institute, Singapore
  • First Year of UK University. Students Must Have Finished A Foundation Course

Bachelor Degree (UK)

  • Awarded by Liverpool John Moores University (UK)
  • Students Must Have Finished Higher Diploma Course

Payments should be made in full unless payment terms and installments are offered and accepted in advance. To apply for payment terms, please contact us.

How to Apply

A Step by Step Process

To begin the process, please complete an Auston Application form that is available at our campus.

You should send all supporting documents in soft copy to Auston. If you don’t have soft copies, we can scan them for you at our campus. Examples include:
– NRC of Student
– Matriculation Certificate
– Matriculation Transcript
– Family Member List
– 3 x Passport Photo

Once it is complete, your application will be sent to Singapore for evaluation.

Processing Fees: 120,000 Ks

If you’re accepted to study at Auston you will receive a Student Contract. You will need to sign on this document and accept the terms of the enrollment.

Once you have signed the student contract, take note of the payment due dates in the document. Please remember to make payments by those due dates!


Fees: Course Fees as Stated in Contract

With all the formalities completed you may attend orientation where you will be issued with a student ID, school email account, wifi accounts and more.



Ask Us Anything!

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