Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computer Networks

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in
Computer Networks

8 modules | Internship Provided | Development and Management of Networked Systems Focused

Computer Networks is concerned with the analysis, development, development and management of networked systems, including the infrastructure and the applications of networking.​ This UK Accredited Bachelor Degree awarded by Liverpool John Moores University will make you an outstanding professional in the field of computer networking technology.

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Course Modules

Database Systems *

  • Understand the relational database designs using a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)
  • Employ database connectivity technologies in developing data driven application.
  • Evaluate and implement alternative/non-relational database designs using NoSQL.

* Information Systems Development

  • Understand the underlying principles of systems analysis and design.​

* Mobile and WEB Development​

  • Understand the knowledge of various mobile and web platforms and architectures and gain experience in designing and developing mobile and web applications.​

Network Defense *

  • Gain a significance understanding of various security vulnerabilities in and cyber threats to computer systems and applications.
  • Understand the importance of cyber security and network defense.
  • Understand the use of appropriate methodologies and tools in the analysis, design, implementation of secure systems

* Advanced Networks​

  • Develop and extend students ability to critically analyse state-of-the-art- developments in networking.​

User Experience Design *

  • Develop the technical knowledge of systems development with an appreciation of the social-technical aspects of design.
  • Understand the evolving area of User Experience (UX) design.​
  • Design and prototype an interactive system and then be able to validate their design against user requirements using UX evaluation techniques.​

* Network Forensics

  • Develop a critical appreciation of both the theoretical issues of computer networks and their impact on digital forensic investigations​
  • Understand the emergence of new networking technologies and how they will impact on network forensics.​
  • Develop a practical understanding of network forensics as it applies to common applications or services.​
  • Built the necessary skills, methodologies and processes to conduct a basic network forensics investigation within an organization.​

Project *

  • Enable the student to use rigorous development or scientific methods to produce an artefact relevant to their programme of study.​

Entry Criteria

Qualification Requirements

  • Auston’s Higher Diploma Program Passed 


  • Higher Diploma (relevant to the intended degree) completed by the recognized university

English Proficiency Requirements

  • Wall Street English Level 14 proficiency


  • IELTS –  Band 6 

Internship Partners

All the top engineering programmes require some sort of apprenticeship or internship programme. The reason they do this is to minimize the gap between graduation and real-life engineering.
Here are some of the companies who engage our students with internships:

Job Opportunities

Nowadays, everyone lives in the digital world. While all businesses and industries are strengthening their digital presence and working in world wide computer networks, a lot of work can be done without boundaries and borders. As the use of information systems and computer networks expands exponentially, Computer Networks professionals become key players in this age of information and technology.

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computer Networks graduates can work as Network Engineer, Information Security Consultant, Security Engineer, Network Security Administrator and Cloud Operation Engineer.

As Myanmar is a developing country trying to promote the usage of digital technologies extensively, many businesses are now establishing their digital assets and computer networks to extend their efficiency in order to cope with the highly increased demands of the market. Therefore, a lot of local opportunities are also waiting for Computer Networks graduates.

What Makes Us Different

Problem Based Learning

Our programmes take real life problems and teach them to you as you learn. When you graduate you’ll be ever ready to take on your job.

Interactive Classrooms

In our programmes students interact with students and teachers facilitated. 80% activity by you, 20% activity by us. Why? Because we learn better by ‘doing’.

Future Focused

Our courses extract the core that will be needed for the Robotic-future. Others take 2-3 modules to get to these modules but for us it is built into the first one.


At the end of our course you may progress on to our affiliated campuses in Singapore, Sri Lanka, or to universities in UK, Australia and more

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