Privacy Policy

Auston College Myanmar values your privacy, and therefore has set up this extensive privacy policy to inform you of your rights. It is important to read this policy to understand the uses of your data.

  • How Does Auston College Myanmar Collect Personal Data? Auston College Myanmar collects personal data in two ways: the first is when you provide it with your personal data while using its site, including filling out forms or contacting it via the contact page; the second is when you browse its website, where technical and non-identifiable data are being collected.
  • What Personal Data Does Auston College Myanmar Retain? Auston College Myanmar may retain any personal data you provided directly when filling out forms or making purchases, including your name, address, contact information, email address. Auston College Myanmar may also collect your  IP address used to access the services. Auston College Myanmar may also store a cookie on your computer to authenticate your identity. Moreover, Auston College Myanmar uses third-party cookies that allow it to provide you with better services.
  • What Non-Personal Data Does Auston College Myanmar Retain? Auston College Myanmar may also retain some statistical, non-personally identifiable data, including your browser type, your referring pages, your use of the services, the pages you viewed and other similar information. Auston College Myanmar may also retain data relating to the affiliate that referred you to the website.
  • Who Has Access To This Data? Auston College Myanmar’s employees, contractors, and third-party service providers have access to this data; moreover, if you choose to share third-parties with the data, then Auston College Myanmar may also share the data with them. In order to execute the affiliate program, Auston College Myanmar may also provide the affiliate that referred you to the service some statistical, aggregated, non-personally identifiable data.
  • Cookies and Third-Party Cookies. Auston College Myanmar uses cookies to identify you. A cookie is a small file stored on your device which allows Auston College Myanmar to verify your identity. Auston College Myanmar uses a first-party cookie, which allows it to identify you when you use the Auston College Myanmar website. Auston College Myanmar also allows third-parties to place a third-party cookie. These third-party cookies may be used to identify you across websites, and are used for Auston College Myanmar’s statistical services and marketing services. These third-parties are: Google, Bing, Twitter, and Facebook.


  • How Is The Data Processed? The data about you is processed in several forms: Personally, identifiable data is used by Auston College Myanmar to authenticate your identity, to publish content, to contact you (including through newsletters), to provide you with better service and to enforce these terms of service. Moreover, Non-personally identifiable data may use Auston College Myanmar to improve the service, display advertisements or provide Auston College Myanmar’s advertisers with profiles.
  • What Third-Party Services Have Access To Your data? The Website employs several third party services that act in order to provide you with better access, advertising, social shares and other services. The following third parties have limited access to some of your personal data
  • We use Google AdWords, Facebook Ads to reach our target audience with relevant ads. We use the data to track sales and other business goals, all the data is being masked and the company can’t identify any action from a specific customer or user.
  • We use Facebook Messenger to communicate with customers & visitors, each interaction is logged in Facebook Messenger. We use MailChimp, Mandrill, Jilt & Helpscout to communicate with users on new updates content, & promotions and transactional emails.
  • We use Google Analyticsto analyze marketing goals and integrate different data sources together
  • Timely Newsletters and Contacts:If you provide Auston College Myanmar with your data, and subscribe to Auston College Myanmar’s newsletter, then you provide your consent to allow Auston College Myanmar to send you promotional messages.
  • How Can You Review Your Data or Delete It? In order to review the stored data or remove it, you can send an email to Moreover, most of the personal data may be reviewed by the website’s panel.
  • Yearly Privacy Reports: An Auston College Myanmar officer shall inspect the website from time to time and compile yearly reports which shall include a summary of the complaints received.

Auston College Myanmar is a branch of the Singapore engineering college, Auston Institute of Management. 

Auston has been providing engineering associates and technicians with training and qualification upgrading opportunities since 1996.