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Our Education Consultants are here to help you any question you may have. We invite you to visit our campus to get experience our experiential learning sessions, Lab Works and meet with our teachers and discuss about the right pathway to be an engineer. 


Discuss about the right pathway for your future. Do not miss out!

Lab WOrks

Hands-on experiences build confidences & industry expertise.

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Up-to-date Curriculum with industry-oriented education.

The Sky's The Limit

Hands-on Experience builds Confidence

Experiential Learning, from theory to projects and Lab Works, help develops practical skill sets and confront challenges with rational thinking and confidence.

MBR Water Purified System​

MBR Water Purified System​

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Auston College Myanmar is a branch of the Singapore engineering college, Auston Institute of Management. 

Auston has been providing engineering associates and technicians with training and qualification upgrading opportunities since 1996.